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Personal AQI Service

Every year in California the fire season feels like it gets longer and more devastating. This year with everything else going on it feels especially bad. This year I took the time to build a ingestion script of PurpleAir sensor data, graph it with Grafana and send alerts when the air near my apartment reaches >50 AQI. To build this I used PurpleAir’s API to pull sensor data every ~5 minutes and write it to MySQL.

First 30 Days of Being a Full-time Software Engineer

I started my first full-time job almost 3 months ago. I wanted to share my accomplishments from the first 30 days. When I first joined there was no server monitoring and the team had no idea the real time usage of our infrastructure. During my second week I had set up collectd on each server and a central InfluxDB and Grafana monitoring server. We have adapted it a bit since, but we now have a TV set up in the office showing the team the real time usage.