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I am a passionate DevOps/Infrastructure Engineer who loves building things for the web. I live and work in San Francisco. Spending long hours programming and scaling machines in the cloud is my norm. Most of my career has been building high traffic websites and the infrastructure that runs them.

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Adobe Lightroom Workflow

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My current solution (all personal photography) is that I have one large Lightroom catalog. I have everything from 2015-2018. Everything is organized by year/month-day shortname. For special things like multi-day vacations they get merged into a single folder. I have the last 3-6 months of raw files saved inside of my local Dropbox folder for some basic backups and everything older gets moved to my Synology NAS. I use a couple different Lightroom Hard drive publishing services.

Mac Setup

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This is a personal help document to that I use to get started on a new Mac. I occasionally come back to this to update it and make sure that my current settings are reflected here, but more often than not it gets updated the next time I setup a new mac.

Taking the Plunge

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Today was my last day working for Track Revenue. It was my first job after graduating from California State University, Stanislaus. I learned a lot in the 18 months as part of the Software Engineering team. I was challenged and there were struggles, but ultimately I came out better than I was before.

TurlockCityBooze shutting down

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All great things must come to an end, unfortunately that time has come for TCB. I am no longer living in the Central Valley and I would not be able to keep the site up to date, so I made the tough decision to shut it down.