More About Me

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I was born July 6, 1991. I grew up in San Jose, California and moved to Pleasanton my sophomore year in high school and graduated in 2009. While in high school I wanted to join the fire service and joined the San Jose Fire Explorer program.

Me driving a firetruck at 3 years old

After 3 years in the Explorer program I felt that a career in the fire service was not the right fit for me.

Me dressed up in full firefighter gear

After graduating High School I moved to Turlock, California and attended California State University, Stanislaus to pursue my Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Systems. While in college I joined the newspaper and began riding a fixed gear bicycle. I graduated from CSU Stanislaus in Fall of 2013.

I moved back to the Bay Area after college and searched for a job in San Francisco as a Software Engineer. At first I had a hard time and almost attended a bootcamp to get my foot in the door, but after about 4 months of job searching an ad tech company decided to take a chance on me. In my first few months I optimized their system by almost 50% and added real time monitoring. While at this company I spent about 50% of my time building new features for their backend API and 50% of the time building their deployment and automation of infrastructure. After a year and a half I decided to take the leap and pursue a career in DevOps.

To be continued… (Not where the story ends, just where I stopped writing)