First 30 Days of Being a Full-time Software Engineer


I started my first full-time job almost 3 months ago. I wanted to share my accomplishments from the first 30 days.

When I first joined there was no server monitoring and the team had no idea the real time usage of our infrastructure. During my second week I had set up collectd on each server and a central InfluxDB and Grafana monitoring server. We have adapted it a bit since, but we now have a TV set up in the office showing the team the real time usage.

We have been able to identify and solve issues before they escalate because of the monitoring I have set up.

The screenshot above is from Grafana on my third week. At about 11am we pushed code that included a bunch of performance enhancements I made to our application. We first thought something had broken because we did not think my changes would affect performance so significantly. Needless to say I was extremely happy I had made such a huge impact.

I have made other huge strides since and I have no plan on slowing down or stopping anytime soon.