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I listen to a lot of podcasts and often hear people asking for recommendations on what to listen to. This will be my list of recommendations going forward that I can link to and share. I will try to categorize them the best that I can and give some description of them as well.

# What is a podcast?

Podcasts are a special RSS feeds that you can subscribe to. Some companies (Spotify/Sticher) are trying to make exclusive podcasts and you can only listen to them using their apps, but in my opinion these are no longer podcasts and you should not subscribe to them.

# What podcast player should I use?

Generally any podcast player will work. Some better than others. I use and highly recommend Pocket Casts. I have used it since June 2014! They have Android, iOS, Mac and Windows apps so where you go your podcasts can go too.

# Recommendations

# Politics

  • Trump Inc
  • What Trump can teach us about Con Law
  • Lovett or Leave It

# Comedy

  • Adrift with Geoff Lloyd and Annabel Port
  • California King
  • How did this get made?
  • You look nice today (if you like California King this is the old podcast from years ago, but no new episodes)

# Scripted/Narrative

  • Carrier (probably not good to listen while driving as it has lots of car noises)
  • Blackout (w/ Remi Malek)
  • The Edge of Sleep

# Documentary/Learning

  • Ephemeral
  • Finding Fred
  • Soundtrack Show
  • Twenty Thousand Hertz
  • The Last Days of August (If you like this then there are a bunch more by Ron Johnson available as podcast or Audiobooks on audible)

# San Francisco/California

  • The Bay (KQED)
  • Bay Curious
  • The Big One
  • Fifth and Mission
  • Muni Diaries
  • Outside Lands San Francisco