James Duffy

Mac Setup

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This is a personal help document to that I use to get started on a new Mac. I occasionally come back to this to update it and make sure that my current settings are reflected here, but more often tha…

Taking the Plunge

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Today was my last day working for Track Revenue. It was my first job after graduating from California State University, Stanislaus. I learned a lot in the 18 months as part of the Software Engineerin…

TurlockCityBooze shutting down

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All great things must come to an end, unfortunately that time has come for TCB. I am no longer living in the Central Valley and I would not be able to keep the site up to date, so I made the tough de…

Side Projects

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A few months ago I started my first full time job since graduating college. I am working with some great people and making meaningful contributions to the team and the company.

Working the many hour…

Twitter Markov Generator

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I recently built a Markov Generator for Twitter in a few hours. The site will look at your last few hundred tweets and randomly try to find something that you might say. It uses probability from your…

Twitter Authentication in Django with Tweepy

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While working on a recent project during my internship I had to come up with a way to authenticate users in our Django application. We use an Angular front-end that makes calls to Django.

I am going…

What is in my bag?

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I always have this bag ready to go at a moments notice. I have perfected my bag after years of college and a few months of being a Software Engineer. With this bag I am ready to handle the day.


Long time editor says goodbye and good luck

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I joined the California State University, Stanislaus Signal Fall 2011, and I no longer know what I am going to do without seeing the bright and smiling faces of my fellow editors every week.

I am th…