James Duffy

Adobe Lightroom Workflow

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My current solution (all personal photography) is that I have one large Lightroom catalog. I have everything from 2015-2018. Everything is organized by year/month-day shortname. For special things like multi-day vacations they get merged into a single folder. I have the last 3-6 months of raw files saved inside of my local Dropbox folder for some basic backups and everything older gets moved to my Synology NAS.

I use a couple different Lightroom Hard drive publishing services. The first is for full sized, 100% quality jpegs that get saved into a folder on my Synology for archival and viewing, then I have one that generates Instagram optimized images to Dropbox to load on the go (different folders for different Instagram accounts), the last is for Flickr which I don’t use enough, but trying to get more in the habit of.

Right now since I moved to using my new Fujifilm XT-3 I have migrated almost all my editing to Capture One 12 because their support for Fuji raw files is much better than in Lightroom and they have amazing support for the Fuji Film Simulations and camera level settings in the raw files. The only problem I have is that they don’t have the same type of publishing services so I can’t easily publish a collection then and if I edit the same raw months later replace it with my better edit. I wrote a simple program that will take my exported jpegs and move them to the Synology in the same archival folder as my existing files and replace old ones with the new exports.

This is all still being tweaked as I have only started trying to move to Capture One a couple weeks ago.