What is in my bag?


I always have this bag ready to go at a moments notice. I have perfected my bag after years of college and a few months of being a Software Engineer. With this bag I am ready to handle the day.

TimBuk2 H.A.L. 2011 Backpack (no longer available)

I absolutely love this bag and it sucks they don’t have a newer version available although you could probably find a close equivalent I am not sure it would have as many small pockets as this one and still have a huge open space where on weekends I can store clothes and bathroom necessities.

Macbook Air 13” mid 2013

This was my first Macbook and the first offered with the Haswell processors making it last almost an entire day of working and listening to music.

Western Digital 1TB External Hard Drive

I could only afford the base model MBA when I got it, so this Hard Drive stores all my music and movies. I mostly stream my music via Google Play Music, but it is nice to have a backup in case I find myself without internet.

Nexus 7 - 2013

I love the Nexus 7. It is probably my favorite tool to read kindle books and browse the internet. I use it pretty often on Youtube and Netflix and it has proven to be pretty durable and I can sometimes make it a week without charging it.

Evernote Notebook

I try to keep every note I make in a digital format, but often I find it much easier and faster to write down or sketch what I am thinking that figuring out how to do it on my computer or tablet. I can quickly take a snapshot after I am done with a page and store it in Evernote to retrieve later.

Pilot Black Razor Point Tipped Pens/Markers

These are felt tipped and amazing. I have small hand writing and this allows me to write full speed without worrying about the ink bleeding or getting dry. Pilot Black Ultra Fine Tipped Retractable Pen Previously my favorite pen. I keep one around just in case I fall back into my old ways.

Etymotic Research ER7-MC2

These are the most amazing headphones I have ever used. I got them when I was working in a loud co-working space. I have foam tips on them that are just like ear plugs. You could be screaming at me and I wouldn’t hear a thing. These headphones are the reason I get so many things thrown at me to grab my attention.

Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Bottle with Stainless Steal Cap

I keep this filled with water at all times. I love that it never tastes like plastic and always tastes fresh. Not to mention the huge amount of plastic bottles I am no longer using.

Tech Armor Screen Cleaning Cloth

I can’t work when there is dust or fingerprints on my screen, so this is a godsend. I usually clean my screen at the beginning of every day and after lunch. I try not to use the spray too much, but I will use it when I get home if someone at work ended up touching my screen.

Mini Displayport to VGA adapter

Sometimes you need to connect your laptop to a projector or you want to be a hero when someone else does.


Cold weather man. You need this stuff. Chapped lips are not fun.

Annie’s Double Chocolate Chip Granola Bar

Who knows where you will be when hunger strikes? These are gluten free and actually pretty tasty.