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Terraform→PagerDuty Change Notifications

An important thing when you are setting up PagerDuty is to make sure that that the responder has as much context as possible to recent changes of the system. At PlushCare we use Terraform heavily and making sure that a responder to an incident can attribute to a recent change is extremely important in making sure that our uptime and SLOs are met. We currently use Terraform Cloud to manage our Terraform state and planning/applying any changes pushed to GitHub.

Warning: Terraform Provider Moved

Recently I had an issue where Terraform did not seem to be loading the correct provider. I was getting the following result from a terraform init -upgrade even though I had updated the provider name in versions.tf 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Warning: Additional provider information from registry The remote registry returned warnings for registry.terraform.io/terraform-providers/cloudflare: - For users on Terraform 0.13 or greater, this provider has moved to cloudflare/cloudflare.