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Kubernetes at PlushCare

Where we started When I joined PlushCare there was no containerization. All of our services were hosted in AWS Elasticbeanstalk which is a great option for anyone getting started with little DevOps experience. We were at the point where we had outgrown Elasticbeanstalk and wanted to have more customization of the underlying instance and I had experience with containers, but had only used AWS Elastic Container Service at the time. At my previous company we decided to use AWS ECS over Kubernetes because there was no managed Kubernetes offered by AWS at the time.

Terraform at PlushCare

When I started at PlushCare in January 2019 everything was managed by engineers making changes as necessary in the AWS Console or on other service’s management UI. Today this is all almost entirely done with code that is checked into GitHub and reviewed in its own repository aptly named “infrastructure.” Cloudformation vs Terraform The two biggest competitors we investigated as an infrastructure as code solution was AWS Cloudformation and HashiCorp Terraform.