College Newsroom Workflow

For the past few years I have worked for the California State University, Stanislaus Signal newspaper as their Online Editor. Going into the job I had no experience with a newspaper or operating a website with a dedicated audience with constant traffic. When I started working for the newspaper the primary distribution method was a weekly newspaper in newsstands around campus and articles were submitted by the student writers through email in a text/word file.

Overcoming Fears

As someone who primarily used my bike for transportation, I knew that riding in the rain was inevitable. However, the thought of it made me incredibly anxious and uncomfortable. That’s why I made it a personal mission to face my fear and ride through the rain, even if it meant being uncomfortable and dealing with the challenges that come with it. The first few times were extremely difficult. My hands would become unbearably cold and my stomach would churn with nerves as I walked out the door.

Ordered my first fixed gear

Just ordered a new bicycle from State Bicycle. I will not be getting rid of my current specialized. I wanted to get a fixed gear to learn and enjoy a different side of riding. It should arrive on Friday and hopefully I can have it assembled and get comfortable before having to go to work. (I might just ride it there to show it off.)