Falling out of love and finding Mac Apps

After years of using Windows computers and lusting over Apple’s MacBooks and MacBook Air I finally got my hands on a new 2013 MacBook Air. I have only had little exposure to OSX when I had a hand me down MacBook circa 2006 and it gave me a decent, but slow and aged experience. It didn’t sway me away from Windows, but that is likely because it was early on the OSX path somewhere around version 10.

My summer internship comes to a close

Today is it! I have learned a lot in the few short weeks I have been at IRIDEX Corporation and it has been a wonderful and eye opening experience and if I could I would stay longer, but alas I must finish up school. IRIDEX is a leader “developing, manufacturing, and marketing innovative and versatile laser-based medical systems, delivery devices and consumable instrumentation for the ophthalmology and otolaryngology market” in the heart of Mountain View, California.

College Newsroom Workflow

For the past few years I have worked for the California State University, Stanislaus Signal newspaper as their Online Editor. Going into the job I had no experience with a newspaper or operating a website with a dedicated audience with constant traffic. When I started working for the newspaper the primary distribution method was a weekly newspaper in newsstands around campus and articles were submitted by the student writers through email in a text/word file.

Overcoming Fears

To overcome fear you must face it. My fear was riding my bicycle in the pouring rain. That’s why I made it a personal mission to get up and ride through the pain, through the discomfort. My hands were unbearably cold. It was not easy and my stomach would turn as I walked out the door. After about two months of riding whenever it would rain I started to embrace it and understand how to handle it better.

Sending the right message

There is no doubt that we are more connected than ever before, but I am fatigued with messaging my friends and family. There is no single best way to contact each other. We are constantly battling in our head whether to send an SMS, Facebook Message, iMessage or email. In the early 2000s, Research In Motion (RIM) owned the smartphone market and everyone who was anyone was using Blackberry Messenger. If you didn’t have a Blackberry, chances are you were a social outcast (at least that’s how it was at the high schools I attended).

New design for Myspace, is it enough?

When I was in high school Myspace was all the rage. We spent hours taking bulletin quizzes, changing the music on our profiles and rearranging our top eight friends depending on who we were dating or hanging out with most. That all changed when Facebook opened up for high school students in 2005 and we all went running to greener pastures. MySpace has since become akin to a forgotten 80’s band who brings up good memories through thick and thin.

The iPhone iOS 6 versus Android 4.1 debate: Android

There is no doubt that Apple has revolutionized the phone industry with the iPhone, but it has taken 6 iterations of the phone for any significant change since its initial release. Apple has become stagnant. The only reason for the recent breath of fresh air is that Steve Jobs died and Apple has been forced to think on their own. Except they can’t. Android is far superior to Apple’s iOS, the software running on their iPhone and iPad.

Ordered my first fixed gear

Just ordered a new bicycle from State Bicycle. I will not be getting rid of my current specialized. I wanted to get a fixed gear to learn and enjoy a different side of riding. It should arrive on Friday and hopefully I can have it assembled and get comfortable before having to go to work. (I might just ride it there to show it off.)