Avoid Burnout Before You’re Already Burned Out

Burnout seems to be a fact of life if you are working as a software engineer. I have been burned out before and it sucks. The biggest thing for me was making sure I take time for myself and make sure I do something I enjoy like photography or watching This Old House.

Getting Started with Hugo and Micropub

I was really interested in doing this, but ended up moving away from Hugo and instead building my site on top of Python/Django. I still really like a lot of these ideas and have taken a lot of inspiration on what Jamie is doing and built it into my own site.

Adobe Lightroom Workflow

My current solution (all personal photography) is that I have one large Lightroom catalog. I have everything from 2015-2018. Everything is organized by year/month-day shortname. For special things like multi-day vacations they get merged into a single folder. I have the last 3-6 months of raw files saved inside of my local Dropbox folder for some basic backups and everything older gets moved to my Synology NAS. I use a couple different Lightroom Hard drive publishing services.

Make opening your terminal fun

My favorite and least useful thing I have set up on my laptop is to run fortune | ponysay when I open a new bash session. In my .bashrc file I have the following snipped: 1 2 3 if [ -x /usr/local/bin/ponysay -a -x /usr/local/bin/fortune ]; then fortune | ponysay fi If you want one script to install everything for you: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 #!