Tagging AWS Reserved Instances

What has always bugged me about using AWS’s Cost Explorer was how they handled Reserved Instances. Every month there is a huge spike for reserved instances and there is no was to tag them to allocate them to a cost category or some other pivot… or is there?

Custom Synology Dynamic DNS

If you want to connect to your Synology NAS from outside your network you will probably utilize the Dynamic DNS (DDNS) feature that is built into the Control Panel. The problem with the built in DDNS is that the number of compatible providers is limited. You have two options to use your own domain and the DDNS features. Option 1: Write your own Dynamic DNS endpoint This is an interesting solution as you can set a custom endpoint to set your DNS settings, but requires that your DNS provider have some sort of API or solution for you to programmatically update DNS records.

Computer Build

It has more than a decade since I last built a computer. In that time a lot has changed and a lot has stayed the same. Last time I build a computer it involved spending a couple hours searching catalogs online for parts and then eventually going to Fry’s Electronics to try to find the parts or equivalent within budget. Today it is so much easier to plan your build and be confident that the parts that you picked will not only be compatible but also fit using PCPartPicker.

Warning: Terraform Provider Moved

Recently I had an issue where Terraform did not seem to be loading the correct provider. I was getting the following result from a terraform init -upgrade even though I had updated the provider name in 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Warning: Additional provider information from registry The remote registry returned warnings for - For users on Terraform 0.13 or greater, this provider has moved to cloudflare/cloudflare.

Personal AQI Service

Every year in California the fire season feels like it gets longer and more devastating. This year with everything else going on it feels especially bad. This year I took the time to build a ingestion script of PurpleAir sensor data, graph it with Grafana and send alerts when the air near my apartment reaches >50 AQI. To build this I used PurpleAir’s API to pull sensor data every ~5 minutes and write it to MySQL.

I ordered a new bike

I bought a new bike. It took me months of research, but I finally pulled the trigger on the Trek Allant+ 8s. The plan is to use this e-bike to commute to and from work and around the city. When I was in college I didn’t own a car and hated to drive (I still do). I didn’t get my drivers license until I was 18 and then didn’t drive again for almost 5 years.

Going from macOS to Ubuntu

Something I have thought about many times, but I would still need to have Windows/MacOS around for Lightroom or other photo editing software.